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Born from my need for a challenge, as well as a personal interest in climate change and its impact on the environment and biodiversity; I set out to raise awareness of what our insects are facing by using a medium of photography which, to my knowledge, hasn’t been practiced since the 1800s, Microscopic photography. Using a microscope, an antique large format camera and the wet plate collodion process on tin.

With tireless experimentation and countless obstacles to overcome on the way, this project became more about conquering this fascinating methodology than anything else. Due to technological progresses over the last hundred years, this Victorian approach, has become somewhat redundant.  

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our natural world. 

There are 27,000 insect species in Britain. Many are facing the affect's of climate change or human activity within their habitats, with 165 species being critically endangered or already extinct.  

Ecologically this is a disaster.   

Will these invertebrates, along with this rare medium of photography, one day, be things that we can only read about in books?

This series consists of 40 images, each image is a 4x4 inch Ferrotype.

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